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NANY 2017: Auceps - A small and friendly chess-like game

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NANY 2017 Entry Information
Application Name Auceps Version 2006-12-31 Short Description A small and friendly chess-like game Supported OSes Targets Chrome/Chromium-base web browsers - tested on Chromium Web Page This One Download Attached to this post System RequirementsDesktop Web BrowserVersion History2016-12-31 Initial release
A mini chess-like game based heavily on "Let's Catch the Lion", itself a scaled-down version of a chess game from the orient.

A friendly and chatty, but slow AI
A bit awkward undo/redo
A help dialog
An about dialog
Operates completely off-line, should not use the network at all

NANY 2017: Auceps - A small and friendly chess-like game

Unzip the zip file.

Using the Application
Open the index.html file (contained in the unzipped folder) in a web browser.
Click passed the opening screen.
Click on the help button for some tips or start playing by selecting a piece to move and a destination for the piece.

Delete the unzipped folder.

Click on the help button for some tips.

Known Issues
The AI is a bit slow.
It seems to work on Chrome/Chromium for Android, but there the speed of the AI borders on intolerable.


Very cool!

I'm having fun figuring out the rules as I play.

Thanks for trying it out.

On a separate note, have added a screenshot.

Supported OSes   Targets web browsers - tested on Chromium
-aomewe (December 31, 2016, 03:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

Doesnt work on Firefox based browsers (here)
Will try later with Chromium/Chrome

FWIW, it seems to start up and one can play here on some recent versions of Firefox as well as Palemoon, though this is on some *NIX box.

During testing I noticed some not-so-nice timing issues on non-Chrome-based browsers so even if it were to work somewhat, the play might be awkward.  I didn't reflect this in the description appropriately, clearly erroneous.  Will update the info.

Thanks for trying and the feedback!


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