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NANY 2017: MMAHW! (Make My Active Hours Work!) - Cancelled

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There are quite a few threads out there on this issue, but no real authoritative source; I guess because they don't really want you to get around it.

On another point, it would seem that these scripts that were posted above should be more rightly posted in the Windows 10 thread, as most won't see them in this thread dedicated to a NANY entry.  And I've posted what I did to get it not to reboot there, and am using it currently.  Just a thought.

Wasn't sure where to post this, so this thread seemed most related: Sjc1000 recently linked to an article in the IRC channel which says there will be an update which allows Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise to set Active Hours to 18 hours instead of only 12. So that's an improvement.


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