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NANY 2017: CSearcher - A simple and fast free non-indexing search program.

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hugo nabais:
I released a new version of CSearcher with a new cleaner layout, lots of tooltips to provide some usage help and regular expression support! (also some bug fixed)

Version (March 9, 2017)
[new] Most controls have now tooltips to provide functional help
[alt] Content restriction has options to search inside files for containing string with case sensitive or insensitive text
[alt] Mainform layout changes and small fixes
[alt] Introduction of search mode, which replaces the old "containing text" with new simple mode and exact modes
[new] Introduction of Regex mode that allows for regular expression searches and exclusions
[new] New Pattern restrictions tab, with a new ability to exclude subfolders from searches
[alt] Name exclusions moved to new Pattern restrictions tab
[fix] Fixed a small layout problem in Delete permanently form
[fix] Fixed a bug while permanently deleting objects. Objects with unicode characters were not deleted
[fix] Fixed some bugs on MD5 time remaining calculation. The current file name is now displayed in MD5 form while calculating hash

· Compressed archive.
· Self-Extracting file.


[new] Introduction of Regex mode that allows for regular expression searches and exclusions
--- End quote ---

nice  :Thmbsup:

Congratulations and Kudos, Hugo.

Well made tool. I think I will use this a little bit longer.

Some IDEAs I have found while using it, if I may:

Suggestion #1

Options > Tools
Tool to open file: path\to\notepad2.exe "%1"
Tool to open folder: path\to\filemanager.exe "%1" /A /B /c

Context menu
Open file with own tool
Open folder with own tool

Suggestion #2
Add option to use ESC key to exit the application

Suggestion #3
If easy possible, add option to limited search deep (fine for slow networkdrive)
For example, I know that my own files are in the three top level folders only,
but the folder may contain installation sources also with several sub folders, which are needles to include into the search.

Suggestion #4
If you have some free time, add keyboard shortcuts
Alt+N = Name pattern box
Alt+F = folders
Alt+P = Pattern restrictions
Alt+D = Date restrictions
Alt+S = Size restrictions
Alt+C = Content restrictions
Alt+R = Filter results

Alt+N and Alt+P shortcuts from menu could be changed to use CTRL+Alt+ instead?
Also I would miss a "Copy Path ONLY from result" if I didn't would know workarounds.

Idea #5
Double click on editable box to enable them and check the checkmark box,
instead of checking the checkmark box first.

Idea #6
Of course, history for editable boxes (last 25 recently inserted contents)

Content restrictions:
- RegEx support (also fine for -OR-: abc|def|xyz)
- "Whole word" check box

Date restrictions
Drop-Down-Menu: Last [ 3 |v] days

Perhaps a "collect results" feature? Like "[X] Do not clear result on new search"?
Perhaps useful for finding duplicate files


hugo nabais:
Hi AbteriX,

Thank you for your words and your suggestions.
I will try to comment and discuss them here:

I will try to think what to implement to cover this topic in the future.

ESC key is used now to stop the search. So I will not bind it to close program. If I did that people could accidentally press twice in ESC to stop search and it would close CSearcher. You can always use Alt+F4 to close programs so...

I like this suggestion, setting the maximum subfolder depth and  maximum number of results are useful options.

Will consider adding more shortcut keys to access those controls
Adding a Copy Path "ONLY" from result is a good idea, will probably implement it for next version.

About this subject, I prefer the way it is now.

I may have misunderstood, but this is already implemented. CSearcher stores last 20 inputs on comboboxes! (you have to start a search to add them)

The way I implemented the search, it allows you to search in very large files and even in binary files such as executables by reading blocks of bytes. Due to this implementation it's hard to allow for Regular Expressions searches.
But the idea of multiple searches like you said: abc|def|xyz seems a very logical idea. I'll implement it!

Could be something to do on future versions but at this moment I will leave as it is.

I like this idea, will try to implement it on next version.


hugo nabais,

Great program! Super fast, lots of searching filters! In some cases, I use CSearcher instead of FARR.

One thing would be beneficial: Favorit (search) Folders.


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