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NANY 2017: Tiny Server Inventory

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hugo nabais:
This is a great idea! Nice work

I really would like a software like this in my daily job. (I use a very large a complex excel file)
There is however a couple of things I find essential to start using this.
- Field to store credentials  username, password, domain. Preferably with some credentials templates where you could change the credentials in the template. Maybe encrypt passwords.
- Field to store server location.
- Field to store server functions/usage
- Field to store server responsible
- Search ability

Optionally but important
- Field to store hardware config CPU type, ram type etc

A search ability was planned but I couldn't find time for it. :( That's why I wonder if anyone wants to maintain it.

That should do:

I was too lazy for a good README. If anything's missing, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy.


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