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NANY 2017: Tiny Server Inventory

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While my evil plan to release a great application for NANY 2017 was cancelled by the particular application becoming much too complicated for a quick release, I decided that I'd just write a small(ish) utility in time just for the sake of it.

NANY 2017: Tiny Server Inventory


Some of you might know that, once you started renting your own servers, it can quickly become not so easy anymore to keep track of what's where. I, for one, have been using Evernote for this. You might see that Evernote is not perfect for this - the more servers you have, the more annoying it is to maintain your server/service list.

This application aims to be a server/service database. See the screenshot for what it can do and what not.


WTFPL. Take it or leave it.

Technical interior:

I spent half of the past week trying to make sense of Object Pascal. This is how far I have come. There are quirks (to be solved later, maybe).

Future plans:

I might add a search functionality some day. Probably not in 2016 anymore. A lot of other projects to do.
Cancelled. Do it yourself.

Enjoy. Or don't.


Very cool!  Seems to work just fine on my Windows 7 box.  There is one cosmetic issue, though.  The 'Ping' and 'Open as Website' buttons move on both the x-axis and y-axis as the form is changed.  I think you only meant them to move on the x-axis.

Thanks for participating in NANY!

I think you only meant them to move on the x-axis.
-skwire (December 25, 2016, 08:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

Would you believe me if I said no?  :D

Updated the archive.

General update information: You can keep your old database if you already had one; else, just use the new one. No schema changes this time.

As I noticed my plans to improve "TSI" are (more or less) postponed indefinitely, I wonder if anyone of you would be interested in an Open Source version of it (namely, just access to the source code). I might upload it somewhere then.


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