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Autohide unhide delay/ width control

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Hi!  I'm new to Launchbar.  I have it configured to position across the top of my display.  Works fine however it unhides when I try to reach the close or downsize controls on the top right of a maximized window.  I know I can toggle to another configuration but I'm wondering if a very short delay could be added to the auto unhide to allow reaching those controls.  Alternatively, could a width control be provided so that the Launchbar does not extend the full width of the screen?


Welcome RCFitzhugh  :up:

I'm glad you posted your question, because both features are implemented in the software, but can be tricky to configure.

To configure the delay time for hiding and unhiding, click on your LaunchBar node, and go to the Docking Bar 2 tab:

Right above that you will see a checkbox for "Do not stretch to full size".  Check that box and then you can make your LaunchBar not stretch the full width of your screen.
The tricky part then is to actually resize your bar.  To do that on more recent versions of windows, you MAY NOT (try it first) be able to drag the edges of your bar.  In this case, click somewhere on the back of the bar, and then use Ctrl+Arrow keys or Alt+Arrow keys to move and resize your bar.

Let me know if that works for you!

 :Thmbsup:  Thank you!  Got it where and how I want it!

Here's a tough one for you.  Years ago I used to use a 16 bit launcher bar where all the icons could have the same spacing and the captions associated with the individual icons only became visible under the icon when the mouse rolled over the icon.  Your launcher bar creates each icon at the same width as the widest when captions are displayed underneath and same size is selected..

Finally, for now, now that I have the launcher bar on top, the correct width and disappearing/reappearing to my liking, how about automatically set the width of the bar to the icons in it and automatically centering the bar?  I am able to capture and pull/compress the ends of the bar but automatic width and centering would be neat.

Things to think about when nothing else is on your plate.



how about automatically set the width of the bar to the icons in it and automatically centering the bar?
--- End quote ---

it's on my todo list..  ;)

 ;)  Really enjoying configuring LaunchBar Commander!  Is there a way to enter a child  node to present date and time?


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