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Screen Capture by handle

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Screen Capture by handleNANY 2017 Entry Information
Application Name Screen Capture By handle Version Short Description Catch hidden screen by its handle Supported OSes All , but checked with window 7 Web Page Download Link (1123.55 kB - downloaded 790 times.) System Requirements
* Non
* NonVersion History

I have used Screen Capture , by mouser , for a long time.
Excellent program.
I have used many other before that.
How ever non gave me any hidden screen.

My program , although a wile on my site , has added functions
for Donationcoder fans to handle more things and bug fix.

Screen capture by handle can catch graphics you cannot
catch with an ordinary Screen capture program.
Since all components on page of a program use handles
a button (key) , for example , on a program can be saved as bitmap.
To catch this same button with a "normal screen capture" one
has to use an area function and use kind of an image edit program
to modify.
In this program the button is caught NETO ,by handle , and shown
as is, no need to use an image program to manipulate.

Screen capture by handle.

Planned Features


UnZip the zip file into a directory

Using the Application
Help included

Just delete

See the Help file

Known Issues

Neat.  Nice to have you participating in NANY again this year, limelect.  :up:

Arthur Menu:

I'm trying this out. I grab a screen. I click on image area and see a square outlined within the larger image. I click on grab expecting that the image area will become a new image that I can send to the clipboard but nothing happens. Am I misunderstanding how this app works?
-- Arthur

To use:

Double click a tree line. Get the handle number. Grab the bit map.
--- End quote ---

Maybe even open the help file and read! > "Save File..."

Arthur Menu:
I did read the Help file. I am trying to do what is described in the "More features" section:

"Activate an image area.
This feature allow to save a portion of the screen.
Resize , or move , the image area with the mouse.
Zoom will zoom the bitmap inside Image area

Saving the image can be done after pressing the GRAB key.
One can save full or partial graphics to BMP or JPG."

I activate a smaller image area within the larger image. See file attached.
Screen Capture by handle
I then click on Grab but the smaller image area is not grabbed.

So how do I grab the smaller image area?


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