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Word experienced an error

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Hello. It is not spam. I really need help with this issue.

I have seen this article, thanks
-JoelRoy (December 20, 2016, 02:28 PM)
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sincere apologies Joel

What have you tried so far (did you try what was suggested at that link?)

hello JoelRoy
is it one particular word file or any word file?

If it's any word file, you will need to reinstall office / word
if it's just one file, you can most likely open it in wordpad C:\Windows\System32\wordpad.exe
some formatting will of course be broken, but text and pictures will probably be good


hm... this made me search for a doc / docx - and I've found none!  :o I guess they all were on the external backup disk that I lost. Okay, i cannot CHECK my advice. But you can.

I have tried to reinstall Word. Also tried the steps were suggested at the link. No luck :(

Hi Curt.

Only one file gives an error.

Hi Curt.

Only one file gives an error.
-JoelRoy (December 20, 2016, 05:37 PM)
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What version of Word are you using?


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