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ERROR saving file LaunchBarCommander.mcp


Suddenly I stared getting the following error:
   ERROR saving file C:\Users\admin1\Documents\DonationCoder\LaunchBarCommander\LaunchBarCommander.mcp

I have checked the permissions and SYSTEM, admin1, and Administrators all have full control of this directory. I can create a file in the directory and do not have to escalate my permissions. However if I do a "save as" from the LaunchBarCommander configuration window of my .mcf file to this directory it says I do not have permission to wright to the directory, which is I assume why the .mcp can not be saved. What user is LaunBarCommander being run under? Why would this app not be run under my userID, "admin1"? I have tried reinstalling, using an older version, recreating the Documents\DonationCoder\LaunchBarCommander directory and nothing works. I have seen that others have had this problem, but have seen no solutions. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to get around it? :-\
LaunchBarCommander works fine on of my other computers and the permissions are all the same. This is very strange.

That's strange.. And troubling...

I can't remember the problem coming up before.
Let me ask, did you move over this install from another pc at some point? -- if so did you modify the ConfigDir.ini file in the LBC program directory?
Does it make a difference if you exit the program and then start it normally (rather than let it start at windows startup)?

I'd really like to know the solution to this problem when you find it.. Might help someone else.

Hi, mouser

  Yes, I moved over the .mcf file. But that was a long time ago, and I did a fresh install at the time. I had not modified the .ini file. However after giving permissions to every user I could think of and doing a number of reinstalls, I moved all the config files and did change the .ini to the new directory (C:\DonationCoder). That did work.   
  I am starting to think there is a windows problem with the handling of permissions. I am not sure when the last windows 10 update occurred. I did see other posts on the internet with the same problem, but the posts were old, and at least one occurred because the Folder permissions got mysteriously changed.   
  Now I am worried I will start having trouble with other Folders and applications. 

Thanks for the follow up post, traintrack.
Has anyone else had any problem with LBC saving their launchbar file in the normal location?

Is it possible that the problem wasn't trying to save to that directory, but trying to overwrite the file (maybe it was copied over and marked as read only or as a different owner).
If you do a save as in that documents directory but then give it a new filename does it work?
What if you so a save as and try to save it in  C:\Users\admin1\Documents\LBC (creating that directory first yourself).


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