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How to selectively execute programs as Administrator?


Don Cody:
I am testing out LaunchBar Commander after having used FARR for quite some time. I am trying to see how I could run a program in LBC as Administrator. This option is available with FARR, but I couldn't find anything equivalent in LBC.

Hmm.. interesting question.. you could always use a commandline tool or shortcut, but I will add an option in LBC to let you specify that a command should be run as administrator.

Don Cody:
Thank you very much.

A rather minor observation: I especially like the option of having a menu being treated as a batch button. This is particularly helpful on PC startup, because I usually launch a number of programs before I get down to using the PC. However, why is this option not available for individual commands? I had to copy several commands in a "startup" menu that I created in order to make it work and this resulted in some duplication that could otherwise be avoided.

Can you clarify what you'd like to be able to do?

Don Cody:
Say, inside menu 1 I have four commands, A, B, C and D. If I only want commands B and C to appear as batch buttons while also keeping them in the group of menu 1, I can only do so by creating another menu (menu 2) in which I include (copies of) commands B and C and set menu 2's attribute to "Treat as batch button". Therefore, I end up with commands B and C in two places.


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