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Process Tamer - New 2.14 Beta (win32 AND x64 version) - Feedback wanted

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I'm interested in hearing reports on this new beta version (v2.14), which supports x64 machines natively.

Unified win32 and x64 setup betas:

Or if you prefer portable version:

* x64 version:
* and win32 version:

Note: This latest new version will install into \Program Files\ on x64 machines, instead of \Program Files (x86)\ as the older version did, so you should uninstall old version if you are installing new on an x64 machine.
Your settings should still carry over.

@mouser: Thanks!  Shall try it out.

Is this still okay to try out? I'd like to test it out :)

Give me a day to upload a new version.


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