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Processtamer isn't raising priority of some programs

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Thanks for the Creator for a great concept and execution. I very much like the idea of lowering the priority of some apps.

However,I have noticed that the  function I have been most hopeful about - raising the priority of the app being in the foreground is not working with google chrome, windows 2013 suite, ableton live (my greatest hope) - which remain in normal priority, whereas it is working with others, like process explorer or notepad++ or processtamer itself.

Any way to sort it? Maybe something blocks operation? I am on windows 7 64bit and the most recent processtamer.
No rules are set for chrome and others.

Message me I have a x64 build i'd like you to try.

Hi mouser

Yes, it does the trick. Many thanks

I was having the exact same problem with v2.11.01 and 2.14 Beta solved it for me as well.

Seems to have something to do with capitalization. After installing the beta the rule was gone from the "processes" tab and I had to reapply it. I then switched to the "configuration" tab after confirming the rule was being applied and noticed there were two now two rules in the bottom section for both "Trove.exe" and "trove.exe".

After further testing it seems that the beta will apply the custom rule only when the tray process starts or when I reapply the rule, but not automatically when I start the program trove.exe itself. I should mention that I have the process taming by CPU usage disabled and I'm simply using the program to define custom priority overrides.


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