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clickable problem, help!


- The version of Circle Dock you're using:

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Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 64-bit

- The version of MS .Net Framework Circle Dock is using. This - and the information for the two preceding items - is given at the top of the "About" Tab in "Settings".

- The nature of your problem - giving as much detail as possible; include screenshots if they will help illustrate the issue
-- If you're reporting a bug and it's reproducible, then please include the steps necessary to reproduce the problem.
My problem is that when I run Custom Desktop Logo 2.0 it does not stay on top of other applications unless i run it as administrator (which isn't a big deal to me really) but my problem is that even when I run it as admin when I get in game my mouse stays hovered on the logo and when i right click (in game to fire alternate fire) it opens the custom desktop logo options menu and takes all control away in game. Is there anyway to disable the right click menu on the logo it'self?


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