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WANTED: A Mac user who knows his way around Lazarus to compile something


I am unable to compile something for use on a Mac, and I have need for a small utility to be compiled, for one of the guys on my work team...the only Mac user on my team. (The rest of the team already has access to a version I compiled for Windows.)

It's just a tiny little thing to help make his work faster & easier. Source is attached at end of this post.

It's just a URL builder, which takes a Bitbucket user name and opens the URL for that profile in the default browser.

Screenshot of Windows version:

If you volunteer to do this, you'll have to compile it in Lazarus on a Mac, changing the fonts used in the memo & button to something that is actually on a Mac. I have no clue what fonts are on a Mac, other than Helvetica, so use your own discretion and choose something legible.

Did you ever get a reply to this?  My recommendation would be to hit up the Lazarus forum.  A Mac user there contributed an iOS build of my Pastequick utility.

Thanks, but it's no longer necessary. We were able to proceed with just us Windows users and the version I was able to compile. But I will keep this in mind, should I have a need in the future.


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