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This is a GUI based file manager on steroids.  Roam hard drives.  Open programs.  Search for text within files.  Find files.
Press F1 for help.
Also includes a number of built-in utilities that operate on text files (even many MBs in size).
Once you get the hang of it, it's faster than Windows Explorer.

Chesterw, in the current day and age of viruses, it's always a concern when new members post executables, especially when they are so brief and don't have websites, etc.  Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, maybe post some screenshots for people who are not willing to risk installing your app but would still like to see some pictures of it and hear more about it.  And tell us about what you coded them in, what motivated you to code these apps, etc. Inquiring minds want to know.

Hi chesterw, and welcome to the site.

Thanks for contributing to NANY. Would you mind adding some screenshots of DIA5 in action?

For what it's worth, I downloaded the attached zip file and ran it through Jotti's Malware scanner. Here's the result:

1/18 scanners reported the "PUA.Win.Packer.Upx-49" malware. If I had to guess, I'd say it's a false positive.

I've been coding for a few decades.  My favorite language is Delphi.  DIA5 is written in Delphi, which is probably why the false positive on the antivirus software, but DIA5 is clean.  DIA versions 1, 2, and 3 were 16 bit character based apps.  DIA4 is a 32 bit character based app that handles long file names, etc.  DIA5 is a 32 bit GUI app, a little more powerful than DIA4, and easier to use for some people.

Over the years, I noticed that I repeatedly did lots of "Explorer" kinds of things, but kept starting and stopping a collection of programs in order to "get the job done".  As a programmer, I needed power and flexibility and speed.  I developed DIA, Does-It-All, long before Explorer, and long before object oriented programming.  The concept is that you view the files in a folder and you can take actions on a file in that folder.  DIA5 is a GUI application: you need the mouse more than the keyboard.  It's more powerful than Explorer, and often faster.  It can call your favorite text editor.  The text file utilities are powerful and can handle huge files.  As I personally needed a new feature, I added it.  Friends have had copies for years, so it's been fairly well tested.

I've attached screenshots of the program and the Help screen.

Over the years, I noticed that I repeatedly did lots of "Explorer" kinds of things, but kept starting and stopping a collection of programs in order to "get the job done".
-chesterw (December 09, 2016, 07:35 AM)
--- End quote ---

This will be a true-geek trophy, I'm just playing around with it and really digging' it so far. Needs some 'studying' on how all the different functions work, but you've really created something special here. And you've provided a tutorial explaining most of the functions as well so, thumbs up!  :Thmbsup: Lot's of options I would love to see more from. Thnk you! Will give more extended comment while the project continues- at least I'll try!


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