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NANY 2017: Feast Decreaser


I guess I'm all in on Android this year.

This is another diet app for Android, very similar to my Feast Day / Fast Day app, but with a slightly different twist.

Feast Decreaser allows you to set target weights, below which you will be allowed to trigger a Feast mode where you can eat whatever you want, and above which you trigger a restrictive eating mode.
The key is that when you do trigger Feast mode, the program automatically decreases your target weight value so that you must be at a lower weight to trigger the next Feast mode, ensuring that you continue to lose weight over time.

* Play store URL:
* Local download:
The philosophy of the program is based on the following concepts:

* The simpler and clearer the rules for eating, the easier it is to stick to your diet.
* Brief periods of eating whatever you want can be a reasonable way to indulge and stick to your diet at other times, and keep your body from hoarding calories.
* By automatically decreasing the target weight that Feasting is allowed, you are forced to continue to lose weight, and Feasting becomes a reward for successfully and continually losing weight.

Added screenshots and download urls.

Updated to fix bug where multi-device sync on a brand new install could override values on an older install on another device, instead of vice-versa.

Updated to improve widget font sizes.


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