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Malwarebytes 3.0 out

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Carol Haynes:
Vienal, welcome to the forum.  I've used and highly recommended Malwarebytes for years.  And I'm still very happy with version 2.  In theory, version 3 sounds like it has a lot going for it, but the feedback on the Malwarebytes forum and elsewhere has made me wary of upgrading.  Although some folks here and on the MBAM forum have said that the newest update seems to have cured the problems they'd been experiencing, others are apparently still having problems.  I tend to be conservative in these matters.  I'm usually in no hurry to install new software until I feel confident that I have more to gain than to lose.   But I'm still very very happy with Malwarebytes version 2.  I know of no similar program I like as well.
-cyberdiva (February 15, 2017, 12:16 PM)
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I can confirm I had a lot of problems with the early 3.0 versions (mainly starting up on switch on or restart). Recent versions seem to have fixed that and it runs smoothly now. Worth having for the anti-hijack and anti-rootkit features IMHO.

Arizona Hot:
Malwarebytes 3.0 out

I now also have Malwarebytes on my 64-bit Win 10. No drama involved in installing it. I didn't even have to restart until after the scan found unwanted files.

I have it too.

As others have found, early versions were troubling. None of my machines liked it, Microsoft Office wouldn't run, nor LibreOffice, nor... nor...

I'd been running without it until something made me check on progress; it slid into my systems like a greased weasel headed for a chicken house. No more detectable problems for me. I'm pleased because I always liked MBAM 2 and also they honoured lifetime licenses when upping their game to v3.

Many thanks, Carol, Arizona Hot, and cranioscopical, for your very encouraging postings about recent versions of Malwarebytes 3. Normally, after reading your postings, I would upgrade to the present version 3. However, I'm about to move and to be on the road with a somewhat clunky shared laptop for a while, so I think I'll wait until I'm settled again (and using my desktop computer) before I upgrade. But I'm delighted to hear the good news.

Thought I'd give installing v3.2.2.2029 a go:

Oh well, v2 still works ...


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