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Malwarebytes 3.0 out

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Arizona Hot:
I have installed the version with no problems yet. I will shake that down for a few days before installing it in the 64-bit Windows system.

I keep checking back on the MBAM site (and here) to see where things stand.  Although version seems to have cured some of the problems, people are still reporting too many as yet unresolved problems, and not just a single individual but multiple people reporting the same problem.  Today, someone posted a message saying "There are rumors of a component update coming on Feb 22 and a new release on Feb 26."  Perhaps that will finally do the trick.  I realize that there will always be someone whose idiosyncratic system can't accommodate a given piece of software, but I haven't yet felt ready to move from MBAM 2 (which I like a lot) to MBAM 3.

Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner works well for me.

Vienal, welcome to the forum.  I've used and highly recommended Malwarebytes for years.  And I'm still very happy with version 2.  In theory, version 3 sounds like it has a lot going for it, but the feedback on the Malwarebytes forum and elsewhere has made me wary of upgrading.  Although some folks here and on the MBAM forum have said that the newest update seems to have cured the problems they'd been experiencing, others are apparently still having problems.  I tend to be conservative in these matters.  I'm usually in no hurry to install new software until I feel confident that I have more to gain than to lose.   But I'm still very very happy with Malwarebytes version 2.  I know of no similar program I like as well.

Arizona Hot:
Malwarebytes 3.0 out   Malwarebytes 3.0 out

It took many restarts but I now have Malwarebytes . Anyone else have it yet? The first version is the original update. Afterwards, I was informed of another update and many restarts later Malwarebytes could be seen and I could get the second screenshot.

Malwarebytes Final

Performance/protective capability
⦁   Multiple enhancements result in reduction of memory usage
⦁   Faster load time and responsiveness of third-party applications
⦁   Improved performance of Web Protection
⦁   Faster Malwarebytes 3 program startup time and responsiveness of user interface
⦁   New detection and protection layer with machine learning based anomaly detection (to be deployed gradually even if it shows "enabled" under Settings)
⦁   Improved Self-Protection by requiring escalated privileges to disable protections or deactivate a license
⦁   Enhanced malware protection techniques and remediation capabilities
⦁   Added an automatic monthly scheduled scan in Free mode
⦁   Added ability to control the priority of manual scans on the system
⦁   Added setting to turn off 'Real-Time Protection turned off' notifications when protection was specifically disabled by the user
⦁   Added ability to exclude the last website blocked by Web Protection via the tray menu
⦁   Fixed several defects related to configuring Custom Scans, including selecting child folders and fixing issues with touch screens
⦁   Fixed problem where a right-click context scan appeared broken after scheduled scan due to misleading "Cannot start a scan while another one is in progress" message
⦁   Fixed issue where you could not add or edit a scheduled scan in Spanish and some other languages
⦁   Fixed issue where scan could appear stuck on Heuristics Analysis when it had actually completed successfully
⦁   Fixed issue where Self-Protection setting would fail to toggle correctly after an upgrade
Stability/issues fixed
⦁   Fixed several crashes in the Web Protection module
⦁   Fixed issue where Ransomware Protection would be stuck in 'Starting' state after a reboot
⦁   Fixed a conflict with Norton that caused web pages not to load and plug-ins to crash in Chrome
⦁   Fixed issue with WMI protection technique in Exploit Protection that could cause Office applications to crash
⦁   Fixed several crashes related to the service and tray
⦁   Fixed security vulnerabilities that could be chained together to perform local privilege escalation
⦁   Fixed many other miscellaneous defects and user interface improvements

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