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Malwarebytes 3.0 out

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FWIW I ran Ninite the other day and it decided I was going to test MalwareBytes 3 :-[.

So far it hasn't crashed, but it does seem to slow down my computer a lot during its automatic scan.
-Jibz (December 16, 2016, 12:53 AM)
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The way I "cheat" with MBAM to get a quick scan is I open it, update the database, then I select perhaps the newest 21 files in my download folder, right click and select Scan with MBAM.  It is much faster than a threat scan and finds most things like Pups and any registry baddies.  It stops at file test rather than going into the heuristics scan that takes forever.  Now and then I do the threat scan just to be safe.

You have to open MBAM and update the database first before selecting files and using Explorer context menu to start the scan.  Otherwise you will end up with the threat scan.  It took a bit of experimenting until I found this work-around.  I did it once with v. 3 before uninstalling.  So it should still work.

Version 3.05.1299 was released today and it seems to have fixed all the problems that I was having with the last version.

Takes a while for Malware Protection to turn on and activate, but it eventually does. There's also an extraneous red exclamation point currently super-imposed over the tray icon, but everything is activated & the main UI states I am fully protected.

LATER EDIT: A reboot cleared up any weird anomalies. Now it's working & behaving in all respects.

Doesn't install here:

EDIT: Had to reboot to Safe Mode before it would install.

4wd, what a cryptic yet ominous error message. :D

Looks like they still have some problems then. My successful installation probably isn't typical as I have the benefit of a very recent clean install of Windows. Got a new video card so wanted to do a fresh install to see what UEFI was all about as my video card was my last component holding me back.

Looks like they still have some problems then.-Innuendo (December 20, 2016, 11:28 AM)
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It happily told me a new update today, Download and Install?

Exactly the same problem, so it wasn't just a v2 -> v3 thing ... it also unregistered itself after I rebooted from Safe mode to Normal boot.


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