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Thank you Donationcoder!

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Hi all,

As those who hang out on the IRC channel are aware, this afternoon I depart in order to undergo brain surgery. During a visit to the dentist in July for what I thought was an infected tooth requiring extraction (turned out to just be a bad sinus infection), a CT scan was done. As an incidental finding to this scan, a colloid cyst was found within my third ventricle. The cyst measures at 1.3cm x .9cm.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled to undergo the removal of this cyst. 99% of the time these are found to be non-cancerous, typically gelatinous in nature. The risk of not removing this cyst is a sudden shift which could lead to rapid-onset hydrocephalus and even sudden death if it blocks the ventricle.

I wanted to post a picture of a mug and letter I received from Jesse on behalf of DonationCoder and express my sincerest thanks for him taking the time to rush this to me prior to my departure for the hospital.

Melissa will be posting updates online and I am sure Stephen will be more than willing to transcribe the here.

Thanks again for the support from the DoCo team and I hope the procedure tomorrow is uneventful (minus the removal of my brain-born hitchhiker).

- Josh sends

I'm glad it arrived in time.  :up:

We should say that the mug art was made by Nudone (Nick Pearson) many years ago and it's quite wonderful (the other side shows Cody in the bed before his recovery and is worth posting too).  It's really Nick Pearson's amazing art that deserves the thanks for the mug.  The mug has been sent to a small handful of people over the years who end up in the hospital for serious matters and need some magical luck.

Thought I posted that one too. Here it is :)

Best wishes Josh

Best of luck Josh!
(Lovely letter and cup)


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