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Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro 50% off at BDJ

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro is 50% off ($49.97) on BDJ today.

Paragon HDM Pro includes the functionality of nearly all of the various Paragon utilities in a single package - Backup/restore, cloning, OS migration, virtualization, disk & partition management, recovery media creation, etc...

Anyone with expereince of P2V:
would I be able to create an image of my current install (Windows 7) and add it as a virtual machine to another machine, say when I move to a new one, say with Windows 10?

BDJ seems to be broken :-/
Paypal button doesnt work in three different browsers.
Unable to login with facebook. I appear to have registered at some stage, somehow got logged in with no password, maybe lastpass did it, but have it setup to not login automatically. Weird.
Giving up (sleep calls / up early)

I have not actually done this, but that is one of the features they tout. I have had good success with Paragon software for years.

Tomos - I had to use Internet Explorer to get the link to work. Then I washed my hands. :P


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