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the addon Fireshot for Firefox uses to upload the images.

I use Fireshot to make fast a screenshot of the whole website (inkl. scrolling) and can share it via I found yet no way to capture a whole big website with ScreenShotCapture !

Is there a way to use Screenshot capture to upload to easycatprues? I found in prefereces "online uploading" but I do not know how to use it. Have you tutrials for the many online hoster?

If you can find a shell extension right-click uploader for EasyCaptures then you can simply right-click on the image in the thumbnail list to upload it -- or if you find an EasyCapture uploader that supports drag and drop you can drag your image from the Screenshot Captor thumbnail panel.  Of if you have a commandline uploader you can easily add a tool to the tool menu to send the current image to it.


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