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Been having trouble with certain functionality lately.


Screenshot Captor used to work flawlessly but lately having some issues.

1.  When using "Grab Selected Region" either by keyboard shortcut or right click tray icon, the window whose region I want to capture is minimized.

2.  After adding a text box and then going back to change the text the inside of the box, everything, including the text, goes black.  The color pickers show the correct colors and changing the colors do not revert from the black.  The only option is to delete the text box and start over and get it right the first time.

EDIT: Using version 4.16.1.

Thank you,

What did you change between SSC working fine and now?

I was given a new laptop.  It's Windows 7 and has latest patches.

I did an experiment with another screen capturing app and selecting "screen region" in that app also causes the active window to minimize.  So that is not specifically a Screen Captor issue.

So it may be that the text editing issue isn't either.  However, I can create/edit text without issue in this alternative software.

Some AV or other security related utilities cause issues like this, not allowing screen captures etc. Maybe you have something like that installed?

Yes, it looks like something external is interfering. I'll poke around.



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