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Microsoft: End of support for Windows 98 and Windows Me

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Carol Haynes:
Thanks April - actually I managed to find the missing files on the soundblast driver site (for some reason the 2, 4 and 8Mb sound banks were not provided with the driver but were downloadable under the Ensoniq drivers) Having download those and reinstalled the AudioPCI drivers including those sound banks it all seems to work OK.

Just for the record, 9x includes ME. It's still the same shoddy old "dos extender gone wild". So you shouldn't say "upgraded from 9x to ME" but "down^H^H^H^Hupgraded from 98 to ME".

Too bad about lack of driver support, otherwise I'd much rather be running NT4 than any 9x, if the hardware was that limited. But that's probably because I'm a programmer and can't live with the leaks and instability of 9x (├╣ser-mode errors being able to cause BSODs? No way, man.)


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