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DONE: Key combination tally

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I have a new job where I'm required to process a certain number of tickets per hour, but they don't tell you how many you've done at the time. They tell you later.

The keyboard shortcut to finish a ticket is Shift+Enter. I'd like a tally of how many times I've clicked Shift+Enter.

I thought I'd solve this myself using Sharpkeys to remap Shift+Enter to a single key and then find another bit of software somewhere to count how many times that key was pressed, but found Sharpkeys can't do a combination.

Would love an on-screen tally that could be onscreen all the time, like something that goes on top of other windows or displayed in the system tray.

Sounds like a job for Skwire's KeyCounter

Sounds like a job for Skwire's KeyCounter
-Ath (November 25, 2016, 02:03 PM)
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Just had a quick look. Looks like it can capture Enter fine but Not a combination like Shift+Enter.  :(

Use AutoHotkey to detect/capture whatever key combo you desire, and then simply pass/send the relevant trigger key(s) to KeyCounter, or, you could write a key-counting routine in AHK instead - but then, why reinvent an otherwise presumably perfectly good wheel?

Here's a quick'n'dirty AHK script to accomplish what you want.  It'll show the count in the window and the tray icon tooltip (hover the mouse cursor over the tray icon).  There's also a reset count option in the right-click menu of the tray icon.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---Menu, Tray, AddMenu, Tray, Add, Reset count, MenuHandlerGui, 1: Margin, 1, 1Gui, 1: +ToolWindowGui, 1: +AlwaysOnTopGui, 1: Add, Edit, w50 Center ReadOnly vedtCounter, 0Gui, 1: Show, , % " "Return  UpdCounter:{    GuiControl, Text, edtCounter, % myCounter    Menu, Tray, Tip, % "Count: " . myCounter}Return  MenuHandler:{    myCounter := 0    GoSub, UpdCounter}Return  ~+Enter::{    myCounter++    GoSub, UpdCounter}Return


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