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NANY 2017: Feast Day / Fast Day (Android)

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What version of the API did you target when you made the APK? Android 5.0 is API 21. So if you targeted anything >21 it would say it wasn't compatible with Android 5.0 or below.
-Deozaan (January 08, 2017, 11:12 PM)
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I've been running it on my Android 4.x tablet from the start (API 15/16 or so), so Android version compatibility doesn't seem to be an issue here.
That I couldn't install this (and other direct-download apps) on some occasions has to do with me running a 'screen overlay' app (Twilight), that explicitly needs the Android Installer to be excluded or the installer won't allow to install apps... (security feature! the screen-overlay app was too late/slow in temporarily disabling itself in time) Nailed that by buying a new tablet 8) the old one was old (2012) and slow, and now all is fine.

Thanks guys for the suggestions and advice..much appreciated.

I managed to download the app to my phone and was able to install it once I changed the security settings to allow installing of apps from "Unknown Sources" Deozaan suggested above (  :Thmbsup: )..and it seems to be working just fine now.  :)

This is an interesting approach. I've heard about research suggesting that allowing for occasional rich meals can help with weight loss by reassuring the primal mind and body not to panic that there's a pending famine.

My own approach is a bit different although based on the same premise. I have found it most useful to keep track of my calorie intake (at least a rough estimate) using a simple calorie counter app, and to use a spreadsheet for some basic statistics. I use the upper bound of a  chosen confidence interval to limit the damage of "feast" days and the lower bound for "famine" days to keep my overall average down while at the same time minimising the standard deviation / variance.

It's a nice idea. Should be extended. :up:

Please consider these:

PS: Counting calories would be very nice.

Hi neverlight.
If you can think of specific easy feature ideas I'm definitely interested in hearing them.

As for calorie counting -- my experience is that there are lots of very good full featured diet apps that do that kind of thing so I am hesitant to compete with them.
However I do have a very quick calculator type control I could add if we wanted some very basic manual calorie counting..


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