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NANY 2017: Feast Day / Fast Day (Android)

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Just installed the update (v1.26), set the times as short as possible, and so far it has switched manually from normal to feast, and then automatically to fast-mode, so it's looking good :up:

I've been testing Feast/Fast day, and it's switching between modes like a champ. Works exactly as intended. :Thmbsup:

Now I've only got to follow it's instructions, not losing any wait so far... :-[

 ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for testing  :up:

Updated to fix bug where multi-device sync on a brand new install could override values on an older install on another device, instead of vice-versa.

An idea here -- first, a disclaimer: haven't used / seen this app in use (currently on a windows phone)

This could be an interesting app if one could change the text for each mode.
Then, instead of being to do with eating, it could be e.g. to do with sport, or to do with generally keeping the house in order:

Normal would be: 'normal' minimal (defined) amount of housework
Feast would be: do nothing around the house
Fast would be: extra cleaning

Just throwing it out there -- probably problematic if one wanted to have two versions on the phone...


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