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NANY 2017: Feast Day / Fast Day (Android)

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About When Last: I'm running the latest beta, but I'm using quite a long title, that's probably the reason it looks a bit cramped. Unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve...
--- End quote ---

Latest beta (2.12) of WhenLast now has a widget option to split title and date onto separate lines -- should look much better in cases like yours.

ps. Future WhenLast discussion should take place on WhenLast thread:

I've been using the app for the last couple of weeks and I am having good luck with it so far  :up:
It does take some discipline though  >:(

I'm just testing to see how it behaves, and it does quite nicely :D I'm just not adhering to the suggested mode :P

I just wonder why a state shift doesn't show immediately in the widget, it shows the last state with 0s remaining while the countdown of the new state is (already) started, 'cause when I press the widget it shows the actual state and current time left, and when returning to my homescreen that state/time is shown on the widget :tellme:

An android widget is not supposed to update super frequently, in order to reduce cpu use.  I could add an option to make it update more frequently.

Well, the countdown time is updated quite often..., the new mode is only updated after opening the widget/app, AFAICS :-[


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