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NANY 2017: Feast Day / Fast Day (Android)

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About When Last: I'm running the latest beta, but I'm using quite a long title, that's probably the reason it looks a bit cramped. Unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve... ;D

Regarding WhenLast.. I think maybe what I did was create a better alternative layout for the MAIN APP SCREEN for small devices, but I didn't do the same for narrow widgets.. I'll look into fixing that.


v1.21 - 11/29/16
You can now customize mode labels.


v1.22 - 11.29/16
Widget bottom mode label no longer includes the second default mode label line saying "tap to advance" -- saves some screen real estate.

v1.23 - 12/1/16

* New menu item to terminate feast mode early and win some bonus points.


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