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Clipboard Help+Spell errors

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I have been having problems recently with Clipboard Help+Spell, I think.
When I start my computer (Win7 x64)  I get many error boxes saying like the following and looks like the  attached image.
Error DB65: DBISAM Engine Error #11013 Access denied to table or backup file 'Clip Table'

Error EX31: Operation aborted

Error EX29: Operation aborted

Error EX31: Operation aborted

Erro EX59: Table Clips: Cannot modify a read-only dataset

PLEASE any help as to how to clear this up.
I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the product, but NO help.

Thanks, so much.

It sounds like it's not able to save it's database file.

Did you by any chance migrate this installation from one computer to another -- in other words manually copy files instead of using the installer, or use the portable version?
Or maybe install it into a non-standard directory?  Or do you have a network location for your documents?

Yes, I did migrate this installation from another computer. After reading this, what  I did was uninstall once again, delete the OLD profile folders and am now reinstalling.
Hope this will take care of it all.
Thanks, bunches.

what may be happening is you may have a ConfigDir.ini file in the C:\Program Files x86\ClipboardHelpAndSpell directory which is telling it to save its files where it shouldn't/can't.
the solution is just to delete the ConfigDir.ini file and it will then default to a MyDocuments subdirectory.

You can move over your old database and settings, they just need to be under your MyDocuments directory where CHS can access and modify them.

Mouser, thanks for the tip. WHERE in the My Documents folder should the ConfigDir.ini file be placed? I have a folder for CHS. Should it be put in that folder or in one of its sub folders?
Thanks, so much.
YES, the file was in the Program Filesx86\ folder. UGGH.
Thanks so much. I am really trying to figure this out now.

Merry CHRISTmas.



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