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Donating Prizes for NANY 2017?

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I was thinking maybe we could have members donate some prizes to be given away to NANY 2017 coders.

I have a few older laptops that are in ok condition and are still quite usable that I could donate.  And possibly an android tablet or two.

Donors of prizes would choose who to give their prizes to, and donors would pay shipping costs (so it will cost you a bit to donate a gift!).


There are a couple of things with this - first of all, being that shipping.  I have something I'd be more than happy to contribute, but shipping it overseas would be prohibitive, so I'd want to do domestic, but that doesn't seem fair.  And then there's the idea of if they'd even want it.  How could we surmount these issues?

I figure these would be purely optional bonus little prizes.. so no one entering in NANY will be able to expect anything..  So if someone wants to offer up a prize it may be that no one will want it, and it may be that for cost reasons it can only be shipped within the same country.  They would just be some extras that might be available to spice things up.  Mugs (or tshirts) will go out to everyone who enters as normal.

The fine folks at Help And Manual and Beyond Compare, two of my favorite developer tools, have agreed to donate some copies to give away to participants in this year's NANY.

I have some spare games from humble bundles if that can interest you


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