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Auto Re-size Tables (MS Word)

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I have many tables (codeword puzzles) which I'd like to re-size to fill an A5 page (1/ page) . Currently the tables are too small and whilst I know how to re-size them one at a time that process becomes tedious and time consuming when you want to do many of them. Also, I'd like to increase the size of the numerals and make them bold. If this is'nt suitable for a snack any tips on how I could do this myself would be appreciated.
Thank you

Stoic Joker:
Ctrl+A then Ctrl+B to make all text bold.

Hold Ctrl+Shift and then tap the > key to increase the font size. If you go to far hit the < key to decrease the font size.

What impact this will have on table size - perhaps none - I've not a clue.

Thank you SJ. I wasn't clear in my first post. I wanted everything (including font changes) to be automated so that I can batch convert any number of puzzles at once.

how many do you have, and can we assume you want to print them as hard copies?  Probably lots of ways to skin this cat, but if you supply a sample in word format people can have a game and work something out?

OK - long story now  :) The original games are in java (jCodeword)and meant to be played on a device e.g. PC. My partner (Margaret) prefers to play on paper. The game outputs to PDF which I can convert to Word. They're too small to be used comfortably which is why I want to re-size (enlarge them) before printing to paper. As a housebound person Margaret will do 3 or 4 (min) of these a day to help while away her time. So, I'm talking big numbers over the course of a year. I've uploaded a copy to my Google Drive here for you to have a look at.

Thank you


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