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Recommendations on video sharing sites


Hi folks

Up front, I hardly ever share videos on public sites.
Therefore I have no knowledge of the various 'sharing sites'.

This is what I want/don't want

- don't want to use Youtube
- don't want to use Photobucket (waayyyy too slow, have had a few instances of unsuccessful uploads, because of this)
- don't want to use Camtasia (username appears in the link)
- want to upload anonymously
  or the link to the video should not reveal my name
  I would like to have it similar to e.g. imgur or photobucket or Imageshack, there is no username in the link
- I'd like to paste the link into forums, such as, or phpBB forums
- I very much hesitate to use OneDrive or GoogleDrive to share links to public forums
- preferably, considering the limited number of videos, the site should be free of charge

I see vidme, vimeo and probably there are many others.

AFAIK imgur only accepts images, no video.

Undoubtedly dumb questions, but eh any recommendations?
Why vidme, why vimeo or why any other?
How do the vidme  vimeo URL's look like (when you wish to paste them into a forum post)?  I mean, username remains hidden?
Maybe better options?

Have vainly been seeking a kind of side-by-side comparison.

Thanks a lot!



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