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All new posts being sent to RSS?


I've been getting, I think, all posts and replies pushed to my RSS feed reader (feedly). This is new, started about a day ago.

All new posts being sent to RSS?

I don't think anything has changed on the forum end of things for the last year.  What did it used to show? What url are you using for the feed -- there are lots of different urls that can be used on the forum to show threads, posts, etc.

Before yesterday, the last post was 14 months old. Since yesterday I've had about 50 posts show up, including (eventually) this one.

I have three DC feeds set up; this one had been dormant; the other ones work fine. I'm going to just delete the broken feed but I thought I'd let you know first.

Here's the DC feeds I've got in feedly right now:

Official announcements:

--- ---;board=48;limit=20;sa=news;type=rss2
Forum (was dormant, now showing every post)

--- ---;limit=10;sa=blogs;type=rss2
Forum ("promoted" posts from

--- ---

Actually, the 2nd RSS URL is for the blog and should not have appeared dormant.

The last one would probably seem dormant, not be showing any activity, because the URL is invalid.

Try them all in your browser to see what they respond with. The first 2 URLs are valid feeds, but the last will get redirected to the main forum page because it's not.


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