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[New Thread] not being created if dc quote included


unable to post here due to this bug :-/
Please see this post:

I think I'm in a bad science film :P
The link above is what I tried to post in the op, it got added to the quoted thread instead of posted as new thread.
Below is what I tried to post, but with the link stripped out of the quote:
New Thread is not being created if I quote another dc thread (with link), but is being added as new post to quoted thread:

Was attempting to create this new thread:

I quoted this post 'normally' (i.e. quoted it in own thread, then copied pasted):

[ Invalid Attachment ]

Opera made a new web browser called Neon to try out weird ideas
-Arizona Hot
--- End quote ---

I added my own spiel, when I click post, instead of creating a new topic, it got added as a new post to the quoted thread.
It's one of thouse thing I thought it must be my mistake somehow -- but it happened multiple times -- each time a new post in quoted thread. I deleted most of them, but you can see one here:

I was only able to make my new thread when I stripped the link out of the quote.
So, seem to be related to that.

so, yeah, definitely to do with the link -- question is: is it just that link (does Arizona Hot have super powers?) or is it with any dc linked-quote?
I'm giving up here, already spent way too much time on this -- someone else can experiment some more


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