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windows xp how do I lock the desktop icon locations?

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+1 for ^ DesktopOK mentioned by Shades.  Iam pleased to see the OK company still is active; I had forgotten about it, except for Q-Dir. DesktopOK was even updated just two weeks ago!  :up:

>> DesktopOK 4.44 "Save and restore the desktop icon positions" <<

DesktopOk   with that tool you arrange your desktop how you like and store it under a name. Re-arrange the desktop and select the name of the profile you just created and all icons are back to their preferred locations. You can even make several profiles. Very handy and freeware.
-Shades (November 16, 2016, 06:23 PM)
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Thank you so much!  8)

Steven Avery:
I like this DesktopOK program a lot too, used it for a number of years.

Problem is .. just the last week it started to glitch out. Running Windows 10 and Desktop 4.02.

When it places a Save it shows in DesktopOK, but does not seem to really happen. Maybe a quirky permissions problem.



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