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Hacker Noon - Why I’m writing a Windows 3 Emulator

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Saw this series of articles mentioned on OSNews. Fascinating read indeed.

Why I’m writing a Windows 3 Emulator
I’ve decided to write a 16-bit Windows emulator. It’s a bit of crazy idea, but hear me out…
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Hacker Noon - Why I’m writing a Windows 3 Emulator

[*]It’s like DosBox in that it’s emulating the CPU — but unlike DosBox in that it’s not emulating other low level hardware.
[*]It’s like Wine in that it’s emulating the Windows API — but unlike Wine in that the CPU is emulated instead of running on a physical processor (remember Wine stands for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”).
[*]It’s not like VirtualBox or VMWare or other virtualization software as it’s not emulating or virtualizing low level hardware.[/list]

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Awesome! I want to see how it handles an old game I still have and try to go back to every few years.

Why no link?

^ I think because the OP was on about the articles of the process- not the actual end result.

Yes, sorry.
I started posted thinking that the description of the process was the most interesting thing. Then realized that the emulator was indeed already in an advanced phase and so posted the video too, but totally forgot about the official website.  :D


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