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Auto Re-size Tables (MS Word)

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you know how to use macro's in word?

Can you confirm if the attached is what you're after?

if so, there's a macro in the file to make the requisite changes, albeit one file at a time.  Have a game and if it does what you want, it can be tweaked to loop thru a directory

Hello Target,
No, I don't know how to use macros in Word. I'm familiar with the concept in that I understand what a macro can do, but that's the extent of my knowledge. I'll have to do some study. Could you just explain how to trigger the macro perhaps? Just to get me started. The layout you've done could be a little bigger and I'd make the numerals size 9.

Thank you,

ok, some further questions then

when you say bigger, what do you actually mean?  In your OP you stated A5, so the page is sized accordingly and the table pushed out about as far as it can go (there are limits on margins that imposed by individual printers)

do you want the table at A5 size, or is there some other measure here?

also, it might be useful to know what version of word you're using.

There are several ways to approach the running a macro, simplest way is probably to press ALT-F11 to open the editor.  Put your cursor anywhere in the text and press F5.  Of course you probably wont see anything cos the tables already been processed, but we need to answer the layout questions before we worry too much about this part

Using Word 2010. In the example you attached to your previous post I was able to drag the borders of the table out further. When I was playing with a copy that I had created I set the margins to 5 mm which seemed to work OK on the printer I'm using. Essentially I'm attempting to get the to tables to fit on a piece of A5 paper and be as big as possible whilst still fitting on the page.
Perhaps, now that you have alerted me to the possibility of using macros, I could just have a go on my own. I'm sure that there are macro tutorials available. It may even be possible to create a macro for the whole process - from creating the PDF, converting to Word, reformatting, etc?


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