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New PDF editor: FlexiPDF from SoftMaker

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I have a plethora of PDF editors. Tried all the free ones, but moved fairly quickly on to paid. I have worked a lot with PDFs and could never afford to lose time on snags or glitches or missing features or going the long way round (often needed to get OCR if the program doesn't have it included). I have Flexi Pro. It's OK. And inexpensive when on sale.
Don't have Acrobat. Do have Nitro, Abbyy and Foxit (free version was my go to for a time).
I do switch a bit between them, but Nuance is my preferred editor.
I want to like Flexi more (Softmaker is generally reasonably priced and feature rich), but I don't.
I think which works best for you depends on exactly what you want to do.

I'm not an expert on them and can't really list their good and bad features. When I need them I generally have limited time and I want the program to do whatever it is I need quickly and easily. Income was linked to speed and the program cost was just a business expense.

Steven Avery:
I just tried Flexi-PDF (Basic) on a document that needs rotation.

You go to Thumbnail and there is a button, or you go Ctrl-R.
However it did .. nothing.

Maybe I stick with PDF XChang-Editor for now.  I was ready for a $30 splurge.
I'll plan on trying again after a reboot.

On Flexi Pro I just tried a document that did not need rotating.
Rotation button was greyed out but Ctrl-R worked.


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