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New PDF editor: FlexiPDF from SoftMaker

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Open Office Draw handles .pdf and is okay for unambitious formatting (and it's free).
Word 2016 is better at handling tricky formatting (about the same as FlexiPDF)
WordPerfect X7 manages quite well.
Of what I have, Acrobat X is the best. Some of my documents require quirky formats and Acrobat X is more faithful in its reproduction of those.

Appears there are  three versions of Ashampoo Pdf: Free, Pro and Business

Ashampoo Pdf Business 1.07: USD 66.48 each for (1-3 licenses)
                                                      USD 55.99 each for (4-9 licenses)
                                                      USD 52.48 each for (10-20 licenses)

Ashampoo Pdf Pro          : USD 29.99 each (for up to 3 users)

Ashampoo PDF Free         : Free(but offices, authorities etc. must pay for multiple licenses- how does that work ?)

It is not clear what features of Business are missing in Pro or Free.


FlexiPDF on offer "until Tuesday". Pro version for €27.95 here, not sure of the $ price --
also not sure if this link will work, if not try the page and go to purchase.

FlexiPDF feature comparision table:

Ashampoo PDF editor Pro feature list (available for $29.99)

FlexiPDF on offer "until Tuesday". Pro version for €27.95 here, not sure of the $ price
-tomos (May 27, 2018, 04:02 AM)
--- End quote ---

$27.95.  I had to use this URL:

If anyone else has problems seeing the offer, the coupon code is apparently "flexioffer".

Steven Avery:
Very nice thread.  Mostly I do only a little PDF, but I plan some more.  Bookmarking and annotation features would be interesting.

So I probably will buy this, from Flexisoft rather than Ashampoo (btw, Ashampoo has an interesting bundle today on Bits du Jour, does not include this program), as my long-term go-to PDF program. The Flexisoft I have now is a Basic freebie.

PDF Xchange Editor has a good reputation and it sometimes my default PDF reader.  I'm not sure if it is as Firefox capable as it used to be (I often prefer a plug-in for quick reading because then I have a bookmark without hassle.) My main Firefox is 52-ESR.

For free PDF editing, simple changes from a Word Processing perspective, AbleWord and LibreOffice/OpenOffice have been recommended. Gizmo also mentions Draw.  Also Google Docs for online.  It is likely that the features are basic compared to these programs. Atlantis, I think not (my fav WP.)

In your experience, what are the big advantages of a paid program, and especially of Flexisoft? Say over the free PDF XChange-Editor or any other comparisons. Or the advantages of XChange paid from Tracker. (I consider them the silver standard of proven inexpensive PDF software.)


Three recent reviews that include piles of PDF editing tools.

Best PDF editors 2018: Reviewed and rated

Somewhat higher end and biz oriented. - likes Nitro and Acrobat.


edit a PDF – with these programs to do it! (broken English with Seattle in the name?)

Very solid on Flexi - mentions OCR (but how does that compare with Abbyy as dedicated OCR)
PDF Xchange Editor
Google Docs
and a bit more

A competent article despite the broken English.


Best PDF Editors for Windows in 2018
The Windows Club

Mostly moderate price or subscription, no freebies, the comment notes the lack of PDF Xchange Editor, and we can add Flexisoft-Iceni-Ashampoo.



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