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New PDF editor: FlexiPDF from SoftMaker

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^thank you, stewcam. Good to see you back after all this time. 4 years of silence? I am impressed, because I find it hard to keep quiet for 4 days!

I am interested in the pdf editor/virtual printer subject, because I have recommended the INfix Editor Pro here several times during the years (first time was in May 2009:  INfix 6 is the original to FlexiPdf and Softmaker Pdf Editor. I have not tested the 'new' INfix 7, but I have license keys for versions 3, 4, 5 and 6. I should say that INfix Pro eight years ago was $300 :o  The cheapest price for the new version 7 is $89 PER YEAR, (or $89 once, and then updated for 1 year only), so I am very interested in these cheaper Ashampoo/SoftMaker versions of the same program - because I don't need INfix's expensive translation service.

I'm looking at this again because Softmaker has an offer this weekend on FlexiPDF**

$19.99 for 10 more days.

Yes, it clearly is a renamed version of FlexiPdf Pro.
-Curt (October 07, 2017, 05:21 PM)
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initially I thought it was the only basic FlexiPDF version - but I see Ashampoo has "Find and replace across documents" which only the Pro FlexiPDF has
Ashampoo PDF Pro features
FlexiPDF feature comparision page

FWIW FlexiPDF coupon code is
and prices in Euroworld are 25 & 35 euro respectively

FlexPDF is supposed to support export to MS word (though surprisingly it's not in the Ashampoo feature checklist  - it is mentioned in the Overview tab).

Has anyone tried this feature of Ashampoo PDF Pro/Softmaker FlexPDF?

I don't see an export to Word option in FlexiPDF Pro v1.06 Win.

The only export option I am offered is HTML3. That output a 28 page .pdf document, with fairly complex formatting, to HTML which Word 2016 brought in looking pretty much the same as the original.

OTOH Word 2016 inhaled the original .pdf and produced perfectly good results without FlexiPDF as an intermediary.

OTOH Word 2016 inhaled the original .pdf and produced perfectly good results without FlexiPDF as an intermediary.
-cranioscopical (October 13, 2017, 06:21 PM)
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Well son-of-a...  I'm still on Word 2013, but it imports PDFs, too.  I had no idea.

I don't have to convert PDFs to Word often, and the last time I did it involved trying out some software that installed some unwanted crap alongside - I hope I remember that Word already handles this the next time the need rolls around.



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