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Bug in context menu

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Hello Mouser,

Thank you for this wonderful tool. I use it everyday.

Here is a bug I found it in the latest version (v1.147.02). If open more than two files and have them docked, when right click to open context menu on an item, then move the mouse pointer on the context menu, all menus could disappear. So I have to go back to use the old version 1.146.03. My Os is win 7 64 bit. 

Best regards,


hmm strange.. i don't think i changed anything that should affect that.. but perhaps my full screen on-top fix could have caused it..

If open more than two files and have them docked
--- End quote ---

can you clarify this a little so i can try to reproduce the problem?

Sorry, my mistake. It's nodes but not files.  Currently I have 4 nodes opened and they are docked on the left edge and bottom of screen. If toggle docking and have them just floating on desktop, menus work normal, but if have them docked and autohide on edges, the abnormal menu behaviour occurs.

Here are two screenshots:


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