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Windows 10 - Collection of Hacks, Tweaks, Improvements

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Blackbird version 1.0 hotfix 1.0.1 is finally ready:
[email protected]

Blackbird version 1.0 hotfix 1.0.1 is finally ready:
[email protected]

-Curt (August 03, 2018, 01:49 AM)
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What's your experience with it? I'm considering running it, but unsure whether I might need some of the stuff it deactivates. I realize I can make a backup, so I suppose I might just try, but still interested in hearing if you or anyone else use blackbird

I use Blackbird and I am pleased with it. I am however aware that because I dislike Microsoft Store and any thing of the sorts, I am not sure weather my pleasing settings are due to Blackbird or another of my many similar programs, or if I merely was lucky when first doing Windows' settings. But within my preferences, I have nothing bad to say about Blackbird. +There is a recover settings command prompt as well.

If the Windows Magnifier (press Win and + keys) is displaying a black lens or screen window, then the likely cause is the NVIDIA graphics driver. The fix is to force the magnify.exe proggie to work with the standard GPU - not the NVIDIA GPU.
(FIX copied below - my numbering of the solution steps.)
Windows 10 Magnifier Lens Window is Black

By BGGRIT on 2015-08-13
I have set up my magnifier (size, shape, magnification, and to auto start), but the lens window will randomly turn black (not the entire screen just the lens window).  Makes it difficult to navigate with my vision issues.

Any solutions would be appreciated.  Thanks
...further down the page, it says:

tonycol Replied on January 16, 2018
In reply to Major Instigator's post on January 15, 2018

I am by no means an expert on Windows 10, but I can let you know how I resolved the problem on my own PC. My PC has an nVidia graphics card which works just fine with all applications with the exception of Magnifier.

* Ensure nVidia Control Panel is installed and enter the control panel via a right click on the desktop screen, then select the nVidia Control Panel option in the context menu.
* On the left side of the application which is open, there is the option for manage 3D settings. Select this option. I know you probably aren't bothered by 3D anything - it's just where the settings are.
* On the right side of the screen select the 'Program Settings' tab.
* If the drop down selector in part 1 does not contain magnifier (and it probably won't,) click the 'Add' button and then the 'Browse' button.
* Navigate to c:\windows\system32\magnify.exe and double click on it. Doing this will add it to list.
* Choose c:\windows\system32\magnify.exe from the list.
* In part 2 choose integrated graphics from the drop down.
* Click the Apply button._______________________________________

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These could be useful:
Not sure if you will have seen these - possibly useful - discussions on DCF:

* alternatives to windows magnifier
* Screen Mask
* Re: PDF-XChange Viewer ($FREE version) - Mini-Review (as at 2012-10-04)
Also, if not already done, check out these potentially useful references: (some referred to in the links above)

* NoSquint - a Firefox extension that allows adjusting the text-only and full-page zoom levels as well as color settings for websites.
* f.lux™ - Better lighting...for your computer (referred to in the above DCF links).
* and for software for visually-impaired PC users, including Dark Screen (check for viruses if you download this).
My experience of modifying the inbuilt Windows system colours, fonts, etc. for people with macular degeneration is that such methods are constrained by being a bit complicated and are not entirely successful.
The built in "Ease of Access" mods in Windows, designed for visually-impaired users, also seem a bit limited.
If a web-based email access were used instead of the Windows Live Mail desktop program, then NoSquint could be ideal as its settings are pretty flexible and can be set for a given website.
-IainB (February 12, 2013, 03:55 AM)
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