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Windows 10 - Collection of Hacks, Tweaks, Improvements

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After searching the DC Forum for a Win10 tweak today (2016-11-09), I reckoned that a simple collection/index of pointers to such tweaks would have been useful for me and would have saved me some time and might similarly be useful for other forum members too, so here goes: (We may need a Wiki...)
It's a bit of a tedious manual exercise, but if forum members find that it is likely to be of use, then I shall try to maintain/update the index with any pointers - if members could kindly post the links in comments to this thread.

Index: (Last updated 2017-07-30)
General:-IainB (November 08, 2016, 01:36 PM)
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wow, ^this is a great resource!
should be advertised more (maybe when this new CMS gets rolled out? and/or you could put it in your signature?)

And, yes, a wiki would be helpful in this kind of situation...

Hopefully in the CMS we'll have a space for a user maintained wiki; I think that was one of the purposes of the CMS transition.

Quickly find and launch Settings in Windows 10 with the LeeluSoft Settings Quick Launcher (or Quick Settings Launcher).
I today downloaded and trialled this $FREE liteweight 3rd-party tool and, interestingly, it seems much quicker to get at the Settings that way than using the conventional, relatively constipated search through the nested Settings pages in Windows 10. Worth a look-see anyway.
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
Quick Settings Launcher 1.0
Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Quick Settings Launcher is a free and portable one click launcher for different Windows10 settings pages.
The Windows10 settings application can be a little confusing sometimes, Quick Settings Launcher is a mini utility that provides a simple and Straightforward list of all the settings pages and a one click launcher for each page directly.

Quick Settings Launcher is a portable application, installation is not needed, just unzip and execute SetQL.exe.
The application can run from any folder or removable drive.

Quick Settings Launcher features:
-Straightforward list of all the settings pages
-A one click launcher for each page
-Can be minimized to system tray or start minimized with '-m' as parameter
-Display the executed URI.
-Portable and small size executable

Supported OS: Windows10, some pages may also work with Windows8/8.1 (never tested).

Whether a settings page is available varies by Windows SKU. Not all settings page available on Windows 10 for desktop are available on Windows 10 Mobile, and vice-versa. also additional requirements (hardware or software) may be needed for a page to be available.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft

Download Quick Settings Launcher portable (764kb):
Copied from: Leelu Soft: Quick Settings Launcher - <>

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EDIT 2017-10-19: Added these to the relevant parts of the Index in the OP:

* 99 Ways to Make Your [Windows] Computer Blazingly Fast - a very comprehensive list, and potentially useful to various Windows OS versions.
* Click-and-drag icons in the Systray to rearrange them (nifty) -  Re: Windows 10 Tips

also from leelusoft: Windows Quick Boost


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