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NANY 2017: Calculor - A Live, Handy, Dandy, Inline Calculator

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I understand, but the functions do not return a value. The help file tells the obvious - to enter the angle in the sin()-function, but for instance neither sin(30) nor sin(pi/6) result in 0.5 but only ... is returned. The log-function works for all valid numbers, for instance log(100) = 2, except log(1) which should return 0 but results in ... (three dots).

daanvink - ah, you are right.  Strange - okay, I'll try to fix that - thanks for pointing that out; I do appreciate it.  I didn't realize, actually.  You get one thing to work and something else stops working! 
Okay, I'll fix it and post back.  Who uses log anyway?  ;D

Okay, I found the problem and have fixed the code.  I'll release it tomorrow.  Thanks for the testing!

Okay!  It's updated to version 1.2.  Merry Christmas!

I probably need help with maths, rather than specifically with your calculator.

I'm trying to figure out the rotation of an image (the whole image is rotated within a filetype/programme where I cannot measure the rotation). This screenshot here is just representational: the angle is much smaller; the image is shown as a frame.

NANY 2017: Calculor - A Live, Handy, Dandy, Inline Calculator

Right-angled triangle => I need measurements for an angle. Using measurements for two sides:

Tangent = opposite/adjacent
0.0078294071615532 = 1.45075/185.295

according to your (very good) help:
Inverse Tangent
Finds the angle of the Hypotenuse when given Tangent
--- End quote ---

atan(0.0078294071615532) = 0.000137

but the results I get above appear to be wrong - the programme I used to rotate the image cannot make such a small rotation. Rotating back, I estimate the rotation at circa 0.45°. (Should this not be the same as the measure of the angle - or am I misunderstanding?)

Can anyone see am I doing something wrong?
(I've double checked the measurements, they are correct. I can measure the third side if that any help.)


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