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NANY 2017: Calculor - A Live, Handy, Dandy, Inline Calculator

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NANY 2017 Entry Information
Application Name Calculor Version 1.9 Short Description A powerful, easy-to-use calculator that delivers answers as you type. Supported OSes Tested on Windows 7 Web Page Help Pages and Screenshots  Download Link Download Calculor System RequirementsOnly works on Windows
Version HistoryA Link to the Version History
Author Link to Author's Profile page on Stack Exchange

I always wanted a calculator like this.  It has a tiny GUI and lots of features and is easy to use.  I like to see what I did to get the answer. 


* Tiny GUI
* Easy-to-work-with, live calculation as you type
* Trigonometric and Algebraic Math Functions
* Hex to Decimal, Binary to Decimal (and vice-versa) functions
* Character to Ascii and Unicode (and vice-versa) functions
* Round Fractions, Convert Answers to Fraction
* Descriptive menus
* Global hotkey
* Recent Equations Menu
* Memorized Equations Menu
* Tray Functionality
* Complete Help File
Planned Features
What features are you planning to implement in the future?  Well, probably I'll fix bugs...
Right now the character-to-unicode-character feature doesn't work for most unicode characters...

NANY 2017: Calculor - A Live, Handy, Dandy, Inline Calculator
Please visit the documentation page for more images.

How do you install and run the Application for the first time?  Well, you just extract it to a folder and run the exe file.

Using the Application
A brief description of how a user will use the Application. What tips does a user need to get going?  Just extract the files and run the exe.  The little Calculor window will appear and you simply enter your math.

How does a user uninstall the Application? Just exit the application and delete all the files.

Known Issues
Are there any issues that users should know about?  If the formula you enter is too elaborate you may get some strange answers.  Hopefully I'll work these out over time.  Right now the character-to-unicode-character feature doesn't work for most unicode characters...  (This has to do with the way the scilexer.dll was compiled, and the fellow who helped me with this has flown the coop, so I don't know if I'll ever fix this or not; but I'd like to.)

Nice idea.

One issue though...

Windows Server 2012 R2 U1 x64 de-DE
When Calculor is started it "greets" you with a message box:
Sorry, Bub, the colour file list does not exist

Apart from that, a feature request:
The input box should be capable of displaying unicode characters.
E.g. when you use $n and paste a chinese character into the box you'll see only a "..."
Not very informative what you've actually inserted :)

Is there a keyboard shortcut to call it up (like FARR)?

December 1, 2016
by Brother Gabriel-Marie, SSPX

December 1 2016? Are you from the future?

colour file list?  uh, hold on, let me see.
unicode in the calc window - doh!  you are right. In fact, neither side is handling that... 
a global hotkey - yes, I've been wanting that too; I'll add it sometime when I can.

And yes I am from the future, so I will let you know when these were fixed.


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