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Copy directly to favorite folders?


Is this possible with CHS?

Say I have 6 favorite folders inside CHS to store clips A,B,C,D,E,F each assigned with a hotkey: Folder A=Ctrl+Shft+A; folder B=Ctrl+Shft+B etc....

My goal is I want to copy something (Ctrl+C)  then press Ctrl+Shft+B and have the item sent to favorite folder B without having to open up CHS to view/move the item manually.

There is no way to do that, but I believe I added a way to quickly mark the last item you copies as a "favorite", which would let you find it later much easier.
I thought I added a hotkey for that but i can't see it.
However if you bring up the quick-popup-menu and right click on the top item, you'll see a menu that will let you mark that item as a favorite.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try out your method. Thanks again :)

I am open to the idea of adding a hotkey (and/or item in system tray menu) that says to mark the last clip as a Favorite.  (I thought dc member Cranioscopical had forced me to add such a feature already!).
Being able to send a clip directly into other folders may be a bit more convoluted (in terms of user interface) than it's worth.. But being able to quickly favorite the last clip does seem worth while.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try out your method. Thanks again :)
-curiousmurf (October 28, 2016, 02:41 AM)
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You are probably using your favorite folders as a PIM (Personal Information Manager) tool.
CHS could obviate the need for "moving clips to favourite folders".
One of the extremely useful things about CHS is that one no longer needs to use the approach of "moving clips to favourite folders", since one can mark clips as favourites (as @mouser has pointed out in his previous comment) and group the clips into logical or "virtual folders" within the CHS database, where they are instantly searchable and recoverable when one needs them for (say) pasting at some later date/time.
It's a real timesaver and troublesaver. One can periodically go through recent clips not marked as favourites and either mark them as favourites (if one wants to keep them) or delete those that one does not want, or CHS can automatically consign non-fav items to the trashcan based on age.

There is a lot to be said for moving clips straight into one's PIM, and in this regard CHS can be a very useful PIM tool.


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