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Spellcheck in Office 2016. One copy seems to have improved but not others


One of my systems (out of four) that all have recently ( about 3 weeks back) been completely reloaded for Office 365 including a full run of the MS uninstaller app first, now has a feature that many people have asked for but MS has yet to restore. On this one system spellcheck works in a way I have never seen and I would LOVE to get the same functionality onto the other systems if possible.

In our office, ONE other person out of 30 also seems to have lucked out and gotten the same setup but no one else has.
This is Office 365 Business installing the Office 2016 versions of Word etc. All users have the same option which is Office Insider Slow.
Ver. 1610 build 7466.2023. The spellcheck feature I am seeing like this is in the desktop software not the Cloud version.

Now that I got all the facts out of the way.  The Question is on the one "special" system... Spellcheck has become a much More useful and handy option. Any misspelled word is underlined in the usual red squiggly line but after that, right clicking it brings up many new options to correct.  I have gone through every possible setting on the other systems trying to make them al the same but cannot get any of them but one to work in this new layout

It has the usual suggested correct spellings plus now each of them is accompanied by a short dictionary-like definition of the word when spelled that way. PLUS they each have another black arrow that if clicked offers to read the word aloud and more important offers to make that spelling of the word into an Auto-correct option.. Right There!. No need to jump through all the usual hoops to get it added.  I thought it was a grammar thing but adding Grammar check to the other systems still does not enable these features.

This same 'feature' also works in Word and all the other Office Desktop Applications but only on that one system.   There is one option that says "See More" and if i click that it goes back to the normal layout.  The one without all the definitions and other options.  Thankfully, this change is only temporary and whatever the spellcheck configuration is that causes this stays there on that one system.

I have nothing in common with the one other person who also somehow ended up with this new setup either.
If anyone else has seen this and knows what it is or how to control it I would surely like to know how to activate it on my other 3 systems.

If this is caused by a grammar option i cannot find a way to enable  it on any other system

Do the others have the same 'Proofing' options/features and dictionaries installed as the system you like so much?

This page explains more.

Yes!  That is what is so crazy.  I checked every single feature and I am pretty familiar with the Office suite.
I have spent hours trying to duplicate the effect on other systems that have the exact same software installed with my license fro the same place.

I THINK that somehow this one system MAY be on the Office Insider FAST instead of SLOW as the rest are.  But they all say Office Insider and none SAY "FAST".  This just Looks like something MS would ADD as a feature and not yet have updated all users to.

I Wish I could get it on ALL the rest as having those options is kind of nifty

OK, we can Close this oe.  No Thanks to MicroSofty though.  NONE of their techs had any idea and it was in sheer desperation that i took a shot in the dark and found this.  I still cannot explain why it affect WORD and OUTLOOK but it is apparently some feature of Windows itself that is installed when you choose to take the Insider program under Updates in Windows 10.

I still do not understand how I got it in the first place as on the one system that had it because I am sure it isn't registered to the insider program and as far as I know, neither was I on any other system... as far as I KNEW.  I am now.  On one system anyway and sure enough, the feature started working in Outlook and Word on that system too without having to install OFFICE again or anything else.

MS does their best to talk you out of going for the Insider builds and I probably wont stay there.  It will be interesting to see if this "feature" in Word and Outlook Remains active even after I leave the Insider Program.  :)
For now, it is nice to know how to get it anyway.  Maybe this knowledge will be of use to someone else one day.   :Thmbsup:



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