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dvd players + video formats

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so it seems we have a winner - XVID seems to do the trick

I've yet to watch it, but can confirm that I can play the resulting file.  Curiously it seems to have generated some sort of 'extra' info at the beginning of the file, ie it plays, but there's nothing on the screen.  Jump to the next chapter and the vid proper starts. 

could be something in the source file (a H264 encoded version I prepared earlier, and which I couldn't play on the DVD, but neither version exhibits said artifact when played on the PC...

Sometimes this DivFix freebie will straighten out the header info.

Unlike .mpg, .avi and .divx have a header with info such as duration and likely the starting frame.  Some avi and divx files actually have a menu built in.  That's probably the reason they have the start frame number in the header.


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