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Let me code that for you (Or, the time an old member had a new problem. HELP!)


Hey all! It has been a long time. I've been lurking, but not posting and I feel terrible for just jumping in because I need something... but I do, and here I am.

The short version is my awful ex wife deviously managed to get my wife fired from her job. (IRL. My life. The sitcom.) I'd love to share the whole messy story, but this is a publicly indexed forum, so I better not.

Anyway, my wife has a graduate degree in communications and a background in journalism. She is frantically writing freelance pieces to supplement our income until she can find stable employment, but writer's don't get paid a fraction what they ought to.

So here's my ask. I am looking for side web development projects to close some of that income gap. With nearly 20 years in web development, I know my stuff -- Mouser will vouch for me. I can't compete with offshore outsourcing rates, but my rates are 1/2 to 1/4 agency rates, with every bit the agency experience, and a much higher standard for myself than you'll get from a burned out code monkey.

php & JavaScript are my strongest, but I'm pretty flexible. I can prototype WordPress sites faster than you can describe the project in email (okay, maybe not quite, but I'm fast). So if you know anybody looking for help, please put put us in touch.

I appreciate anything you can throw my way.

With nearly 20 years in web development, I know my stuff -- Mouser will vouch for me.
--- End quote ---

I can definitely vouch for allen's skill and speed.  You couldn't go wrong hiring him.  :up:


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